Disclosure of Terms

All rates and fees applying to the loan offer are provided by the lender upon loan approval process. Before accepting the loan terms, customers are advised to read the information on rates and fees provided by the lender. The customer is not obligated to accept the terms provided by the lender. The customers are advised to sign loan documents only when the loan terms provided by the lender are acceptable.

It is in the discretion of the lender to provide loan rates and fees together with accurate amounts. Loans300.com has no knowledge or control of loan terms specified by the lender. In case the loan terms proposed by the lender are not acceptable to the customer, he is free to cancel his loan request.

Late-Payment, Non-Payment

Late-Payment and Non-Payment policies may vary from one lender to another. Customers are advised to read the Late-Payment and Non-Payment policy included in the loan contract before signing it. On occasion the customer doesn’t succeed to repay the loan when it’s due, additional charges and fees might apply.
All lender have to abide by state laws, rules and regulations with regard to loan Late-Payment and Non-Payment.

Loan Renewal

To a great degree, the policy of loan renewal is regulated by state legislation. Customers are advised to read the lender’s renewal policy prior to signing the loan contract. Payday loan laws and regulations can be found here.

Debt Collection Practices

Loans300.com is not a lender and does not participate in debt collection. The lender’s debt collection procedures are specified in the loan contract. Customers are advised to discuss debt collection procedures directly with the lender on occasion of any uncertainties.

Credit Score Effect

Loans300.com is not involved in credit decisions and does not credit check consumers. Some lenders may run a credit check to determine customer’s loan eligibility. Usually lenders do not run a credit check with the three credit bureaus: Transunion, Experian, or Equifax. The undertakings of the lender may or may not impact the customer’s credit score. Provided that the customer doesn’t succeed to repay his loan on due date, the lender may report it to one or more credit bureaus, which could result in a negative effect on the customer’s credit score.